Stages of CCSP



The CCSP entails following stages:


Stage1: The career option sessions

Stage2: The career selection

Stage3: The career path determination

Stage4: The career planning

Stage5: The career grooming.


This program offers our students a hassle free, cost effective approach to build their desired career and prepare for it from the basic stage. This program will include training sessions, guest speaker sessions, reason tests, special classes and skill development alongside the regular academic classes. Each stage will carry its own plan and eventually assist the student to land in their dream university.



The Pre-requisite for all the different stages:  KNOW YOURSELF


Before analyzing any career options and their prospects and suitability, it is strictly advisable for every student to know what stuff they are made of. That is to know your own self. Knowing oneself properly and evaluating constraints of their life make them more pragmatic in selecting a career which is more workable and viable. Here, in order to know yourself, psychometric testing is highly recommended.  


Stage1. The career options session:


In the first stage, students are briefed about the most preferred careers inside and outside of Pakistan. As we know that some careers are evergreen and require practically no debate over their selection. Besides, there are more non-conventional careers which are more exciting and challenging. Sometimes, students look for those careers where more payouts are involved. On the other hand, sometimes people look for only intellectual satisfaction with least consideration for monetary aspect. Hence, at this stage we emphasize to analyze the various fields vis-à-vis

  • The personal level of passion
  • The future prospect of the field in the next five, ten and fifteen years at least
  • The wherewithal required
  • The competitive environment in the job market later on
  • The testimonials by the presently connected people in the concerned field for first hand information about the interested field and so on and so forth.



Stage2. The Career Selection


Here a matching test is done in order to select a career. First a student should analyze one’s strength, level of passion, the minimum requirement to make you a PROSPECT and academic performance and then these traits and achievements can be matched with the competitive environment of the career presently as well as well in future, the career growth ten, fifteen years down the road and of course the level of job and intellectual satisfaction one can draw if one chooses it. Hence, a particular careen can be chosen if it fits into the above test.     



Stage3. The Career Path Determination


Many a times it happens that if we want to reach a destination, there are several roads available,

And we generally tend to take that route or path which saves our resources such as time, energy, fuel etc or less risk involved. In the same way, with respect to career, there are certain paths available for the students to follow to minimize the risk involved and to save your valuable resources if you get proper counseling and expert guidance.



Stage4: The Career Planning


Now if the career is final that is destination is chosen and the route which leads to the destination is determined then the most decisive factor to take you there is the PLANNING. This is the operational and tactical planning phase where WHAT TO DO and HOW TO DO aspect is discussed. One must know what must be done from the very beginning so that you can actually come out with flying colors. Then of course, there are several ways to perform a particular task, hence one must know the specifics of the plan to achieve it with maximum ease.


Stage5: The Career Grooming


Finally, it’s high time to prepare you for your universities in the best possible way. Earlier the course starts, the better it is. One must try to play safe here as last minute preparation for the university test is not found to be preferable by many as it keeps you at stake and uncertain.

We advise our students to start preparing for aptitude test in the beginning sessions of AS and A2 levels because at the ending of A2, it is very difficult for a student to prepare for final examinations and aptitude test simultaneously, which deteriorates the final results and hence end up in dis-satisfaction. For this reason we in WHALES COLLEGE, starts aptitude test preparation for our students beforehand at a time in which students can cover his both the preparations easily.

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