Admission Process

Stage 1

Complete and submit your application after carefully filling all sections of the form either online or at Whales College Admission Office. Make sure that all your information on the form is updated and accurate. 

Stage 2

The Admissions Counselor after assessing your application will contact you back within 3 working days of receiving the application.

Stage 3

Upon meeting basic criteria for the admission eligibility, you will be contacted through email or phone to schedule for a test following an interview upon successful test results.

Stage 4

Upon successful interview, you will receive your admission offer letter with a deadline for the submission of the admission fee in a designated bank, along with a list of required documents.


WHALES COLLEGE has all rights reserved to turn any application down for the admission without giving any explanation or reason.

Required documents with the Admission Application Form 

Following documents must be submitted by candidates at the time of submission of admission application from. Incomplete documents will not be a guarantee of admission:

  1. Father`s CNIC (Copy)
  2. Father`s Business Card
  3. Three recent passport-sized photographs of the applicant
  4. Applicant`s CNIC/Smart Card (Copy)
  5. Applicant`s Birth Certificate (Copy)
  6. Copy of the current month’s utility bills
  7. Extra curriculum certificates (if any)
  8.  SOR and GEC certificates of all CAIE exams, candidate appeared in till date
  9.  in case of awaiting CAIE results,
    1. an undertaking declaring the expected grades in the CAIE appeared subjects
    2. an undertaking from the student that the student is applying for a conditional admission which may be confirmed upon submission of successful and desirable grades in CAIE exams
  10. An undertaking from the parents that desired results/grades are not the responsibility of WHALES COLLEGE, in case of poor performances in admission test
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