Welcome to WHALES College!

Innovated and inspired modern education standards with universal acclaimed academics excellence of students for more than one quarters of a century!


Whether you want to gain qualifications to help you get your dream job, improve your skills in the workplace or just want to learn something new, we`re here to help.

Our 2014 feedback overall Outstanding’ status and impressive exam results make WHALES College the perfect place to take that next important step.

WHALES College is here to help you achieve your academic and career goals. By choosing WHALES College , you will get the best of both worlds. Not only will you gain a challenging academic education, you will also gain real-world experience.

WHALES College has a proud record of quality education and training. We have also gained a reputation for innovation, developing Pakistan leading qualifications, facilities and opportunities for students.

Combined with your dedication, WHALES College will help you achieve your academic and career goals – whatever they may be.

The Changing Trend:

The rapid and organic growth of WHALES College since it was established in Karachi. WHALES College experience provides the Confidence, Knowledge and 21stCentury skills necessary to meet the challenges of an increasingly competitive global community, while remaining true to the preservation and promotion of traditional ethics and values. At WHALES College we place great emphasis on the importance of TUITION FREE CULTURE & due to this reason we are having highly qualified faculty and necessary tools and resources. Their role is to guide and assist the students throughout their studies; to help them over any hurdles along the way by encouraging, supporting, and keeping them focused to achieve their goals and very often to exceed them! They are responsible for discussing and setting targets with individual students, monitoring their progress and achievement; available for support and advice throughout. They also track Student attendance and their punctuality.



10 Good Reasons to Study at WHALES COLLEGE:

World class Centre of learning

• Tuition Free Environment 

• Highly Qualified Faculty 

• Outstanding examination results

• Superb progression to universities

• Wide range of courses

• Complete Career Solution Program me 

• Vibrant student life 

• Great reputation

• Affordable quality education Excellent Student Support

A Levels and Aptitude Test Preparation

Hence, our areas of expertise has been A Levels and Aptitude Test Preparation for business Universities mainly LUMS, IBA, IoBM, SZABIST etc, Engineering Universities (ECAT) mainly NED, NUST, GIKI, MEHRAN, UET etc and Medical Universities (MCAT) mainly Aga Khan, DOW, JSMC etc and apart of these local universities, we have been providing preparatory classes for SAT, GMAT and GRE.

Every year hundreds of students qualified the aptitude tests in various universities and besides, our institute got much acclaim for creating top graders in the field of A levels in the form of straight As and two world positions in CIE. 

In addition to above achievements, our aptitude test preparation has produced hundreds of students who are either graduated from or studying in various business schools, engineering universities and medical colleges including LUMS, IBA, AGA KHAN, DUHS, FAST, GIKI, NUST etc. We devised many preparatory materials and shortcut techniques to crack the aptitude test and students have benefited immensely.

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