Facilities & Resources

Enjoy College !!

WHALES COLLEGE has the best educational infrastructure and learning resources for the benefits of the students 

 We have extensive facilities and resources including well-equipped classrooms and laboratories, a custom-designed auditorium, and comprehensive up-to-date computer facilities. 

A learning resources center is also available, with a well-stocked library, quite study areas, and extra computer facilities with internet access and trained staff on hand to offer assistance whenever required.


The college also operate a free Wifi internet service available for all students. 


Our wide range of sports, cultural, artistic and social events a great choice of activities outside academic studies to enjoy.


This all helps make the college a stimulating and vibrant place to be boosting self-confidence and independence, in preparation for university life or the world of work. 


So from our very first days here, right through your final exams and beyond, we are dedicated to helping you fulfill your true potential and exceed your expectations.








Digital library:

College has a well-established and modern digital library with quick and easy internet access. It carries more than 25,000 books on a variety of subject reference material, general reading matters, fiction, international magazines and periodicals for the benefit of students and staff and topics.




Computer Lab:

Fully air-conditioned and equipped with state of the art hardware and software, our computer lab provides networking and internet facilities to the standard required of Cambridge International Examinations. Highly trained and qualified staff assists students during and after college hours. 




Science Labs:

For students to clearly develop and understand scientific theories, it is essential to practically experience them. The college has an adequately equipped science laboratory with equipment, apparatus, chemicals and required instruments for Biology, Physics and Chemistry experiments. 




Girls Common Room:

Well-furnished Girls Common Room with internet access and educational-cum-recreational activities provide A’levels students is a comfortable and congenial atmosphere to spend their free time. 





Health and Safety:

To encourage an awareness of essential health and safety issues, the College organizes different workshops on first aid, fire fighting. Deliver presentations on relevant topics.





College Security:

We believe in the security of our students and providing them with a safe conducive environment to study. To ensure them we have installed modern camera facilities in all of our campuses. This helps us to monitor the activities both in and out of the campus.






A high standard of hygienic and cleanliness is maintained in our cafeteria which cater for a variety of tastes at affordable prices. The cafeteria also provides an opportunity to students to hold society meetings and group study discussions which helps to improve their learning. Apart from well-furnished cafeteria the place holds indoor game facilities including chess, draught and table tennis. The students enjoy relaxing in the cafeteria during their busy schedules. 




Modern Classrooms:

Fully air-conditioned, spacious, bright classrooms are furnished with high quality furniture and modern amenities to create an effective learning and teaching environment. 




Prayer Area:

For quiet and spiritual moments our campus includes the prayer area. It facilitates the staff and students to perform prayers during college hours.




Public Speaking Sessions:

Keeping in mind the rising demand for entrepreneurial skills by employer and universities all over the world, we provide platform not only for good speaker but for everyone wants to learn the power of public speaking. These session encourages students to:

  • Overcome anxiety when speaking to an audience.
  • Organize and present ideas rationally and persuasively.
  • Listen carefully to the ideas of others.
  • Develop entrepreneurial skills.




Sports Facilities:

At the college sports are an integral part of college activities, supported by necessary resources. Huge size playground for cricket, basketball, hockey and football are properly maintained. Among the indoor games, table tennis and badminton facilities are available. Qualified, male and female, physical training instructors supervise students’ physical training and all classes have regular sports periods during the week.





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