Strategic Direction



In the last eleven years WAHAJ HUSSAIN`S has evolved as an institution which has played a key role in the career of many students. Nurturing them in the best possible way is the sole raison d’etre of our existence.


Having a humble beginning in the form of institute, WHALES COLLEGE has emerged until now as an institution which is known for not only academic solutions in the form of full-fledged evening classes for GCE Cambridge students along with aptitude test preparation for various high-ranked universities but now as school and college where complete career solutions are being served in the best possible way and in the best possible educational environment.






Challenges faced by students in High-Ranked Colleges


As we witness a general phenomenon in most of the A levels colleges are no more self-sufficient for top grades and tuitions have been accepted in our society as a necessary evil. Even the management of top colleges have turned a blind eye towards this issue, on the contrary this is being taken as a supplement for their results as their students take tuitions in the evening and school management takes the credit for their outstanding results.

The worst part is even most of the parents have started believing that without tuitions good grades are elusive. This can be substantiated by the mushrooming of coaching centers of top teachers of city who prefer to teach well only at their designated coaching center.

Who are affected?

  • The students who have to sacrifice their rest time or activity time for tuition centers time affecting student’s personality growth in some way or the other.
  • The parents who have to bear the brunt by paying an exorbitant tuition fee and arranging their travel in the most unacceptable way and waste of time cursing the school for their misery.
  • The society, where resources both human and financial are being badly affected and our young generation were not given a chance to unwind the pressure.  

In the light of above facts, WHALES COLLEGE is being operated so that both the students and parents can achieve their honest objective of good education with best grades.



WHALES COLLEGE Strategic Direction


Against this backdrop, our system stands out in the comity of other schools. We not only prohibit tuitions but actually create such an environment where students own need of tuitions hardly arise. It looks very simple, but it is not. We have done a comprehensive research before launching this system and tried to know the reasons for compelling the students towards and we address most of the issues simultaneously. Our current students and past years students duly realize and acknowledge our modus-operandi.





Hence, our strategic direction involves our endeavor to assure:


  • Tuition free environment in school and college and inspire others to take a cue from this model institution in future.
  • An institution where complete career solution can be provided to the students where apart from an effective career counseling, students should be prepared for their dream career.
  • A strong personality development environment where leadership and entrepreneurship become the driving force.
  • To develop a team of instructors who can do mentoring not only to the students but to the budding teachers so that we can have a dedicated and passionate workforce in the field of education.




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