Ranking System

WHALES College follows comprehensive ranking system. It is based on providing challenging environment to students and motivates them through fierce competition. In one session we conduct 4 exams. The purpose is to refine the students help them improve step by step. Exam 1 held in October, Exam 2 in December, 3rd in February and 4th in April.

Our ranking system ensures that the examinations reflect the true performance of the students. The result is aggregate based. Each exam is assigned a percentage and each exam result is included in the final result. This ensures that the students do not take any exam lightly and work hard since the first day. Moreover, the result is percentile based plus in line with the grading thresholds. This allows for a fair result representation.

The overall ranking system entails the following:


1. Four examinations

2. Quizzes

3. Assignments


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